Thursday, October 15, 2009

Meet the tofu

In my last post, I've been speaking about the Japanese ability to anthropomorphyze everything. Browsing through the web today, I came along a great site selling Japanese kawaii stuff - bento boxes, stationary, cell phone charms...And guess what I found there?! A plush toy figuring a...tofu cube....dressed as a wolf...TOFU?! Dressed as a wolf? I mean, really? Anyone who has ever seen a block of silken tofu know that it kind of ... lacks personality ... But despite my firm resolution not to like it, I fell in love immediately... making me want to spend cold winter evenings cuddling this squishy adorable cube of ...whatever ... Just judge for yourself:

And if apple-pie tofu isn't quite your thing, there is also a green bean that looks like a dog that looks like a bean.

To top it all, here is a triplet of algae....It kills me thinking that this is what my sushi-wrapper really look like.

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