Wednesday, November 25, 2009


It’s been a really long time since my last post, and I apologise with all my dear readers who came along to find nothing new. In the meanwhile, lots of things happened. Two weeks ago, me, my wonderful BF, our 3 dogs and 5 chickens + 4 baby chickens moved house. As I told in my last post, I have changed office and am working in Genoa (Liguria – think sea, foccaccia and Pesto) , while living in a rural house in Morsasco (Piemonte – think hazelnuts, gianduia and lots of wine), a teeny-tiny village of 700 inhabitants. Even though the miracle of the modern communication technology has long ago reached this place, we still don’t have internet at home, so that’s the reason for the delay.

These days have been busy with packing and unpacking stuff, building the new coop for our chickens and doing numerous trips to IKEA – officially to get 4 (FOUR) Billy libraries (follow their fate in one of the next posts), unofficially to get these marvellous ginger-spiced caramels:

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