Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What’s hot on a Wednesday?

Yes, it’s that time of the week again. Following Loobylu’s thread here it comes again – what’s hot and what’s not on a Wednesday?


- Four baby chickens that have successfully survived the 600 + km of us changing home

- The Sharon fruit tree and the pomegranate tree in my new garden that provide me with sweet tasty fruit for my lunchbox

- The wood-burning stove in our living room – never had such a cosy warm winter

- Kimmi dolls – have just discovered these gorgeous Japanese wooden dolls last week. Still cannot decide about to whom of them to give a shelter on my library shelf.


- A Skorpion in the bathtub - these are the disadvantages of living out in the "wild"

- 2 weeks of continuous fog around here

- Commuter trains that are always late

- The last part of “Un medico in famiglia”
- an Italian tv-format adapted from the Spanish Médico de familia - went on air yesterday, only 2 weeks after I have first discovered this beautiful a bit naïve but good-hearted piece of Italian cinematography. And I have just started loving all of them!

What is hot or not at your place this week?

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