Monday, December 14, 2009

This month is my first Daring Cooks Challenge, and it's been quite a challenge, really. I've completely forgotten about the deadline until, well .... until this morning. Fortunately this month's recipe, brought to us by Simone from Junglefrog Cooking, is quite last-minute friendly. Shopping, cooking, taking pictures and eating - it all took no more than 2 hours. I cheated on the pastry, using store-bought puff pastry, and had to chop the spinach instead of pureeing it given the lack of the necessary equipment. The spinach-arugula-cream cheese-mix got some dill and lemon to spice it up and made great leftovers, too, baked in individual ramekins. (I love dill and suffer tremendously the fact that it rarely can be found in Italy and doesn't grow well here, every time I go back home I bring a huge bunch of dill, freeze it and use on very special occasions only :))

The salmon en croute turned out to be quite delicious, and rather photogenic, too. You can get the the recipe here.

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Wic said...

what a cute and delicious looking little fish. adore the eye and I too can get exited by dill.

Alina said...

This fish looks very yummy - so toasted and golden and with a juicy filling inside! I never knew dill was a rare herb in Italy - how come?! Have you ever tried growing it at home?

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