Tuesday, December 15, 2009

One more week has passed and it's time again for the "Hot or Not" list. So, what's been happening here in Morsasco all week long?


- New chicken coop finally built and happy chickens moved into their new home, far away from the bedroom window to not to hear the rooster crowing at odd times. Aren't they supposed to have an inner clock or something? Ours apparently doesn't have one, as he starts whenever he feels like it.

- A picture published on Craftgawker!

- New (for me) blog discovered today - loads of gorgeous stuff for printing, like the Carnivorous Plants Calendar

- Christmas presents problem solved, thanks also to Luana's helpful link

- Ordering books from Amazon, inlcuding Julia Child's "French Cooking" - it was too much talked about to be ignored

- Making lists

- Ticking things off lists - very satisfying :)


- Loosing a baby chick to an unknown beast just one day before moving into the new coop - very sad :(

- Bad hair days ....

Pass at Loobylu's for more Wednesday Hot or Not lists

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Claire said...

Oooh baby chick :(
Thanks for the link to A print a day - it's new to me too.

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