Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What's hot on a Wednesday

Another week, another hot or not list following Loobylu's thread.


- My first ever Nativity. It comes from Peru :) Love Maria and Joseph with the traditional Peruvian caps and capes and the baby Jesus in his nutshell-crib. Have discovered it at a fair-trade market in Genoa, along with other Nativities from all over the world and tasty mango fair-trade jam.

- Two more weeks till Christmas - means two more weeks till I can go to Germany to visit my parents and grandma+grandpa. Means lots and lots of cooking and baking and trying out all kind of new recipes.

- Our dogs. One (or rather three) of the most beautiful things when I come back home after 1,5 hours of commuting. How could I eve live without them before?!

- A very long weekend due to the two days of holidays yesterday ("bridge") and today (The Immaculate Conception) - lots of time to indulge in knitting by the fire, making long walks outside and finally building the new chicken coop.

Not hot

- Two more weeks till Christmas - and no idea about presents to make ...

- A nasty landslide that has blocked the (already slow) commuter train line for most of the last week. Means - 2 hours to go to work and other 2,5 to come back home .... And it's only December! I'm wondering what it's gonna be like when real winter comes?

Fortunately, only 2 Not's this week - against 4 Hot's. Definitively a good week :)

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Luana said...

Here is a list from Sarah Von of Yes and Yes of DIY Christmas gift ideas! Hope you had a good "bridge" (we also call it that in Spain)!

Aqua said...

That nativity is so sweet!!!!!!

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